Photoelectric Sensors


SKU : BRQ Series


[Common Features]

  • Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
  • Power/output reverse polarity protection circuits and output overcurrent (short-circuit) 
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)
  • Sensitivity adjuster
  • Switch between Light ON and Dark ON modes using control wire

[Front Sensing Type: BRQT, BRQM, BRQP Series]

  • Various housing material: stainless steel (SUS316L), metal (nickel-plated brass), plastic
  • Long sensing distance: 30 m (through-beam type)
  • Various body sizes:
    - BRQT, BRQM : Standard
    - BRQP : Standard, Short body
  • Protection structure:
    - BRQT : IP67 (IEC standard), IP69K (DIN standard)
    - BRQM, BRQP: IP67 (IEC standard)

[Side Sensing Type: BRQPS]

  • Protection structure: IP67 (IEC standard)

Various Models Available for Application in Diverse Environments

Long Sensing Distance Up to 30 m

Mutual Interference Prevention Function 

Sensitivity Adjuster

Check Operation Status

IP67 (IEC Standard), IP69K (DIN Standard) Protection Structure



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