SKU : Z0713-009


General Description

This unit for demonstration of air conditioning system inside the bus. Using the real engine as a compressor driver and able to start engine to operate system. Includes cooler chamber and temperature controller.

Technical Specifications

-Dimension W2000xH2000xD1100mm.
-Mounted on a rolling platform.
-Compact and optimum to use.
-Manufactured according to ISO 9001
-Engine Unit

4 stroke 4 cylinder piston diesel engine

Water cooling system

The engine system has complete and availability

Fuel tank 20 lite and filter
-Air conditioning  unit

R134a refrigerant system.
Reciprograting compressor
Air condenser
Centrifugal evaporator
High side – Low side service
-Control Systems

Delay time start system
Blower speed regulator
Electronics control box
-Cool air distributer with adjustable nozzle and the wind direction.
-Control and operation of the equipment under actual operating conditions.
-Assembled on a platform made form metal and paint.
-There are symbol the device name with clear on the panel
Experiment manual

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