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Training stand "Networked Systems", with optional e-learning companion course. The practical course modules deepen and complement the theory modules in a unique way. This training rig was built from original parts and components of the VW Golf 6. By realistic representation of the components and their compounds the original documents and wiring diagrams can be used.

  -Fully functional CAN-lighting wall, original components VW Golf 6, specially prepared for training purposes
  -Frame made of aluminum profile with casters, with tabletop
  -All components are wired inside the unit, thus the system is ready for use immediately
  -Numerous test sockets for all components of the central electrics, numerous test sockets for all bus connections
  -Diagnosis: Each control unit can be individually suspended and measured, and each bus connection at both ends
  -Integrated regulated power supply 12 volt
  -Frontpanel didactically prepared, color printed

Learning objectives
  -Naming electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  -Work with schematics, circuit symbols, lines, cable connections and terminal designations
  -Measuring and evaluating electrical parameters and signals
  -Check individual components and deciding on necessary repair measures
  -Inclusion of problem-solving strategies and alternatives in the diagnosis
  -Testing of data communication lines, encoding control devices, customizing software versions in compliance with legal and manufacturer-related provisions

  -Fault switching box lockable, 41 switches / errors
  -Headlights with bi-xenon bend lighting and cornering light, tail light combination LED
  -Complete trailer lighting on backside
  -Rear fog light, license plate light, auxiliary stop light, reversing light, fog lights
  -gateway control unit, body control unit, control unit headlight leveling, instrument cluster, steering control unit with Switch unit, trailer control device
  -All controls for lighting, level sensor, fuse holder, horn, washer pump, ignition switch
  -OBD diagnostic connector (16 pin), 4 x D-Sub for the connection of CAN interfaces, controller for speed and steering angle
  -LIN wiper, simulation defogger with measuring points
  -Front: A total of 276 test sockets in 4mm safety version, 136 with a bridge plug and measuring tap
  -Breakout box: A total of 88 test sockets in 4mm safety version, 44 with a bridge plug and measuring tap
  -Back: A total of 20 test sockets in 4mm safety version, 10 with a bridge plug and measuring tap
  -Connector for door module proline, connector for rain sensor

  -Door module proline (No. 16900960)
  -Rain sensor (No. 16900958)
  -VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDs) - powerful diagnostic tool (No. 38079135)
  -PCAN-USB-Adapter with CAN-Monitor PCAN-View for Windows® (No. 16900912)

Technical specifications
-Power supply: 230 V
-Dimensions: L x W x H: 1.400 x 1.950 x 750 mm
-Weight: 150kg

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