-It is an equipment designed to study construction and principle of solar generation system from basic to application without extra devices.
-It allows users to carry out experiments for standaloneand grid-connected system, the principle of street lamp and general energy conversion process. Grid-connected inverter is 200W and it converts DC voltage for 1 or 2 solar cells to 220V AC.
-Measuring terminals equipped on the modules help users to understand principle and characteristic easily.
-It contains intelligent digital multimeter module which enables users to measure and monitor by using PC.

Experimental List

-Solar Cell V-I Characteristic and Load Experiment
-Solar Cell Boost Experiment
-Stand-alone Inverter Experiment
-Emergency Power Control Experiment
-Overcharge,Overdischarge Control Experiment
-Analog MPPT Control Experiment
-Solar Street lamp Experiment
-Solar Grid Connected Inverter Experiment

Main Unit

1-1 Working Table & Cabinet
-Type: HPM Wood
-Cabinet for Module Storage
-Size: 1200(W)×600(D)×700(H)mm

1-2 Frame
-Type: 2 Step Aluminium Profile
-Size: 30×60

1-3 Control Part
-Power: 1Φ AC
-Internal Power Supply : 1Φ AC
-SolarLighting Control
 -Solar Lighting Auto Control Function by Embedded Controller
 -Lighting Mode : Manual/Auto
 -Solar Lighting Control : Run/Stop

1-4 Solar Cell
-Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
-Open Circuit Voltage : 20.8V Short
-Circuit Current : 755mA .
-Maximum Voltage & Current : 17.3V, 690mA
-Maximum Output : 12W

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