ABS Brking Trainer


SKU : Z0727-005


General Specifications

The ABS trainer offers a completed range of experiments on one of the most advanced hydraulic braking systems with electronic interlocking, used in cars, to prevent locking and consequent skidding of
the wheel. The trainer unit shall be constructed using laminated plywood. The wiring diagram of the trainer
is also provided with many test points and connectors for connecting diagnostic instruments.


1.  ECU of ABS system.

2.  4 wheel speed sensors.

3.  4 Digital display of wheel speed

4.  Pressure gauge of brake fluid at the wheel

5.  Speedometer display to show the speed simulation

6.. Brake pump and pressure tank.

7.  Warning light for ABS.

8.  Disk brake module show the operate of ABS when the wheel rotate

9.  Electronic speed adjuster.

10.  Instruction manual

11.  Panel size (WxH) 1500x1000 mm.

12.  Rolling Table with drawer : Table size (WxH) 1500x700 mm.

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