SKU : Z0109-910


General Specifications

This panel demonstrates many electronics control systems inside an engine such as fuel level system fuel injector, ignition system and sensor.


1.IGNITION START SWITCH Four stage ignition start switch with contacts for the start system , ignition system and auxiliary system

2.AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR Symbolic display of the air filter. Connection for the original air temperature sensor (switch to simulation -20C to +70C

3.THROTTLE VALVE Original throttle valve install on the symbolic display of the intake route. Moving for various functions

4.MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE Symbolic display of the intake chamber. Connections for the original manifold absolute pressure sensor

5.MIXTURE PREPARATION Symbolic display of the engine block with intake route, combustion chamber and exhaust route.

6.ENGINE CONTROL UNIT Central control unit for ECU. All inputs and outputs are accessible for measure        -ments and for diagnosis via 4 mm. Test leads.

7.FUEL PUMP & LEVEL SENSOR Scaled leak-proof system with all the necessary components for the fuel supply (capacity 4.5 liters);electric fuel pump, level sensor and fuel alarm sensor.

8.INJECTORS Scaled, leak-proof system with four injection valves with volume measurement tubes, in each injection valve.

9.CRANK ANGLE SENSOR & IGNITION SYSTEM ,MAGNETIC SENSOR 4 Spark plug unit fitted in transparent chamber and with the aid of the integral drive motor, the speed of the distributor shaft and the flywheel can be adjusted 0-5000 rpm. The flywheel contains the necessary markings to operate in the tests. The distributor can be adjust ignition angle 0-60 degree.

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