SKU : Z0701 Series


General Specifications

The demonstration unit 4 cylinder 4 Stroke gasoline engine with automatic transmission and electronic
Components installed on the platform. The unit demonstration how the engine operate completelt. 


-Cylinder Capacity : 1500 cc
-4 Cylinder 4 stroke engine complete with water cooling system and safety guard.
-Complete with electronic fuel injection.
-Compleate with electronic spark advance and self-diagnosis system.
-Complete with start system, Charging system and Exhaust system.

Electrical System
- Charging System : Alternator with IC-Regulator.
-Ignition switch, relay and fuse box.
-Electric fan and thermo switch.
-Battery 12 VDC  50Ah

Fuel System
- Fuel Tank : Capacity 20 liters min. completed with   float and fuel pump.

Transmission system
- Transmission : Automatic.

Instrument panel
- Signalling meter.
-Intake Manifold Gauge.
- Oil Pressure Gauge.
- Voltmeter Gauge.
- Multi-unit tester and simulator switch.

Engine stand
- Structures : LG steel pipe 50 x 50 mm
- Complete with 4 superlens wheel, 5 inches diameter, wheels and lockable.
- Painted with colors.

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