Photoelectric Sensors


SKU : BJX Series


  • High performance lens with long sensing distance
    - Through-beam type: 30 m
    - Diffuse reflective type: 1 m
    - Retroreflective type: 3 m (MS-2A)
  • Compact size: W 20 x H 32 x L 11 mm
  • M.S.R (Mirror Surface Rejection) function (retroreflective type)
  • Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
  • Sensitivity adjuster
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and output overcurrent (short-circuit) protection circuit
  • Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)
  • Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
  • IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)

Long Sensing Distance Up to 30 m

Mirror Surface Rejection (MSR) Function (Retroreflective Type)

Mutual Interference Prevention Function (Except Through-Beam Type)

Excellent Noise Immunity and Minimal Influence from Ambient Light

Easy Installation with Screw Thread Holes

Status Indicators

Sensitivity Adjuster