Brand New Logistics Management System Simulator


SKU : Z0508-003


1.  Applications
-     Study logistics management system
-     Study how to use the program, stock system, storage system. recording of merchandise
-     Learn about warehouse management systems through automation and working with robots.
-     Study the operating system and programming to control the operation of the automation system with maintenance
-     Apply theories in classroom to the simulator; allow deeper understanding of the whole logistics system.
-     Place an order with a robot taking orders from an order via barcode or data entry. The point of organizing the product after receiving the order. The robot follows a path to a different pick-up point to group the goods. Until complete according to the order in the purchase order after that, the robot will return to the main packing work station. To store goods, it consists of the main robot unit, the main control unit, the lifting unit, the Bluetooth communication unit, the power supply unit, the simulated warehouse layout kit, the demonstration learning performance.
-     Demonstrate kit of organizing products in the warehouse with PICK TO LIGHT system

·         PICK TO LIGHT system is a system that helps us arrange products easier and faster. No need to read purchase orders, no need to remember the number of items, no need to search for picking locations.
·         PICK TO LIGHT can make the product arrangement faster and can prevent mistakes caused by picking in the wrong position or forgetting the number of products in storage

2.  System Specifications
-     Transport management system (TMS)
·         Transportation Management System (TMS) program, 1 set, details are as follows: Ordering system from customers, transportation planning system, distribution system, transportation control system, maintenance work system, various reporting systems.
·         At least all in one PC touch screen with 3.0 GHz Central Processing Unit (CPU), 8 GB DDR4 2666 SODIMM, Windows 10 Home operating system.
·         Uninterruptible power supply at least 1500VA
·         Shopping cart stainless steel table (Add dimensions)
·         Demonstration of automatic cargo moving robots. It is a demonstration of automatic movement of goods in the warehouse. Using a robot to group products by list
-     Warehouse Management System (WMS)
·         Warehouse Management System (WMS) program 1 set, details are as follows. Supports PC, Handheld, Barcode Scanner, supports the use of RFID and Barcode systems both 1D and 2D, is a management program. General warehouse used for receiving goods store goods and picking goods, compatible with WINDOWS operating system
-          Automatic Voltage Regulator: 1 set

3.  Software and Computer
-     User manual and experimental guide documents provided in English.
-     At least (CPU) 4 cores gen11, speed 2.4 GHz Cache 8MB
-     At least memory (RAM) is DDR4 3200MHz 8GB,
-     At least storage 256GB of 3.0 SSD.
-     At least screen size 14 inches, resolution 1920 x 1080,
-     3 USB ports

-     HDMI and VGA connectors
-     At least 720p HD camera and there is a privacy shutter installed from the factory.
-     Speakers and microphone installed from the factory.
-     Connector RJ-45 connector that supports 10/100/1000 Mbps.
-     Wireless (Wireless LAN) standard 802.11ax and BT 5.0 installed from the factory.
-     Hardware Security TPM v2.0 installed at the factory.
-     Finger print device with a power button.
-     Weighing 1.5 kg including battery or lighter
-     Certified according to various standards. The following documents must be referenced.
-     Assembled or manufactured in a factory that has received ISO 9001 and ISO14001 Series standards.
-     Certified Standards FCC Electromagnetic Radiation
-     Certified for safety, UL CB.

4.  Standard
-     Requirement for ISO 9001:2015, or equivalent for Quality Management

5. Maintenance and Service
-     Supplier must have experience of specialist/technical support with similar equipment.
-     Services are available through online consultation, spare parts transport, and service must be available locally or in neighboring countries (Southeast Asia). Technical service must be provided within 2 weeks after request.
-     On-site training for a maximum of 10 people for at least 2 days at the time of installation to ensure the participants know how use the instruments.

6. Warranty: 2-year spare part and Services

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