Brand New Robot Station with Artificial vision system


SKU : ElettronicaVeneta RV3/EV Italy


1.  Applications
This robot station can provide training based on the following topics of applications:
-     Structure of a six-axis robot
-     Robot operation analysis
-     Movement technique analysis
-     Control software analysis with specific emphasis on: - Movement algorithms - Self learning
-     Industrial robot applications
-     Artificial vision
-     Calibration
-     Movement resolution
-     Load capacity, speed
-     Safety
-     Programming the controller
-     Using the teach box

2.  System Specifications
The robot has 6 degrees of freedom, as follows:
-     At least base: Movement range: ±240°
-     At least shoulder: Movement range: ±120°
-     At least elbow: Movement range: 0° ÷160°
-     At least bottom arm: Movement range: ±200°
-     At least wrist torsion: Movement range: ±120°
-     At least wrist rotation: Movement range: ±360°
-     At least repeatability precision: ±0.02 mm
-     At least maximum load: 3 kg
-     wrist downward function

-     Motors: AC Servomechanisms
-     Position detection: absolute encoders
-     Touch screen programing keypad display
-     Sensor: 1.3” CCD
-     Pixel resolution: at least 640 x 480
-     Electronic shutter speed: at least 16 µs → 1000 ms
-     Conveyor dimension at least 730 x 80 x 120 mm
-     Automatic Voltage Regulator: 1 set

3.  Software and Computer
-     User manual and experimental guide documents provided in English.
-     1 Laptop provided with the following details:
-     At least (CPU) 4 cores gen11, speed 2.4 GHz Cache 8MB
-     At least memory (RAM) is DDR4 3200MHz 8GB,
-     At least storage 256GB of 3.0 SSD.
-     At least screen size 14 inches, resolution 1920 x 1080,
-     3 USB ports
-     HDMI and VGA connectors
-     At least 720p HD camera and there is a privacy shutter installed from the factory.
-     Speakers and microphone installed from the factory.
-     Connector RJ-45 connector that supports 10/100/1000 Mbps.
-     Wireless (Wireless LAN) standard 802.11ax and BT 5.0 installed from the factory.
-     Hardware Security TPM v2.0 installed at the factory.
-     Finger print device with a power button.
-     Certified according to various standards The following documents must be referenced.
-     Assembled or manufactured in a factory that has received ISO 9001 and ISO14001 Series standards.
-     Certified Standards FCC Electromagnetic Radiation
Certified for safety UL, CB

4.  Consumable, Spare Parts and Additional full equipment Functioning Requirements
-     N/A

5.  Standard
-     Requirement for ISO 9001:2015, or equivalent for Quality Management
-     N/A
-     Manufacturer must have at least 10 years’ experience manufacturing similar training equipment
-     Must be CE Certified

6. Maintenance and Service
-     Supplier must have experience of specialist/technical support with similar equipment.
-     Services are available through online consultation, spare parts transport, and service must be available locally or in neighboring countries (Southeast Asia). Technical service must be provided within 2 weeks after request.
-     On-site training for a maximum of 10 people for at least 2 days at the time of installation to ensure the participants know how use the instruments.

7. Warranty: 2-year spare part and Services

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