Brand New Industrial Electronic Circuit Equipment


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Brand New Industrial Electronic Circuit Equipment

1.    Applications
-     It is a set of educational materials for learning in the field of industrial electronic circuits. The panel for mounting the voltage source and plug-in connectors is made of 5mm thick insulating material at least with a homogeneous coating on both sides of a smooth, non-reflective surface.
-     The circuit board is a type of Universal Plug-in Board made of electrical insulating material. with a thickness of not less than 5mm. Both sides of the surface are smooth, non-reflective materials with symbols displayed by screening.
The set of materials supports students to experience the following:
-     Study the properties of DIODE when direct bias and reverse bias are obtained.
-     Study the properties of ZENER DIODE upon direct bias and reverse bias.
-     Study the characteristics of various properties of NPN and PNP transistors
-     Study the characteristics of transistors in a common emitter amplifier circuit.
-     Study the characteristics of the FET in the amplifier circuit.
-     Study the characteristics of the properties of UJT in the signal generator circuit.
-     Study the working characteristics of PUT
-     Study of characterization of SCR
-     Study the characterization of the TRIAC.
-     Study of characterization of DIAC
-     Tell the properties of NTC resistance.
-     Tell the properties of PTC resistance.
-     Learn how FAST RECOVERY DIODE works.
-     Study the properties of IGBT.
-     Study the operation of the timer circuit using the IC Timer.
-     Study the characteristics of the properties of UJT.
-     Properties of DIODE
-     Characteristics of ZENNER DIODE
-     Characteristics properties of PNP and NPN
-     Characteristics of TRANSISTOR
-     Characteristics of FET
-     Characteristics of properties of UJT
-     Characteristics of PUT properties
-     Characteristics of the SCR
-     Characteristics of the TRIAC
-     Characteristic properties of DIAC
-     Characteristics of LDR
-     Characteristics of NTC properties
-     Characteristics of PTC properties
-     Properties of HEX FET
-     Characteristics of IGBT properties
-     Solid State Relay
-     Amplifier circuit
-     Basic circuit of an op-amp
-     DC motor speed control circuit, etc.

2.  Systems Specifications
-     The case can hold a power supply
-     The body of the case must be made from rigid material such as steel
-     Universal plug (in board) interface
-     Insulated surface
-     Surface is at least 5mm in thickness
-     Symbols are screened onto the surface
-     Surface must be smooth and non-glossy
-     Automatic Voltage Regulator: 1 set
-     User manual and experimental guide documents provided in English.

3.  Standard
-     Requirement for ISO 9001:2015, or equivalent for Quality Management
-     Manufacturer must have at least 10 years’ experience manufacturing similar training equipment

4. Maintenance and Service
-     Supplier must have experience of specialist/technical support with similar equipment.
-     Services are available through online consultation, spare parts transport, and service must be available locally or in neighboring countries (Southeast Asia). Technical service must be provided within 2 weeks after request
-     On-site training for a maximum of 10 people for at least 2 days at the time of installation to ensure the participants know how  use the instruments

5. Warranty: 2-year spare part and Services

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